2019’s Featured Tenants

2A Consulting

2A is a marketing firm focused on storytelling for businessWe bridge the distance between creative and strategic—delivering fresh solutions that connect. We help define who you are and what you do, building your brand from the ground up. We’ll create your look and language to turn heads—making assets that give life to your story. When it’s time to drive it home, our project managers will plot, cultivate, and measure success across channels.

Give us a call, we’ll build your story and run with it.

What attracted us to the Seattle Automobile Building?

“Honestly, the old wooden floors, 22-foot ceilings, and auto row history sold us. We love our second-story views of the neighborhood too—it gives us the vibrant mix of growth and personality that we adore about Pike/Pine.”

What do we like about working with Hunters Capital?

“They want our partnership to work, and they treat us well. In the past, they’ve gone above and beyond contractual obligations to make our work space more safe, friendly, and productive. We feel like they care about our business and our people.”

8 Limbs Yoga

8 Limbs is a family of four neighborhood yoga studios in Seattle. We are committed to being a supportive and welcoming place to learn and grow through the mind-body practices of yoga, and strive to teach all eight of the eight limbs of yoga. 8 Limbs Capitol Hill is where it all started in 1996, above Brocklind’s Formalwear, which is now Meet Korean BBQ and a number of other businesses. We’re happy to serve Capitol Hill with high quality drop-in yoga that is open to all levels. We also offer workshops, series, retreats, and yoga teacher training.

What attracted us to the Greenus Building?

“We love being in an old building with character and hardwood floors. We are so grateful that Hunter Capital remodeled when they purchased the building, and worked with us to stay in our space, and stay open, during the construction.”

What do we like about working with Hunters Capital?

“I appreciate the attention and care Hunters Capital gives to our building. They are incredibly responsive, kind, and fair.”