Commercial Ownership and Management

Commercial Ownership and Management

Hunters Capital is the second largest property owner in Capitol Hill. We greatly value our commercial tenants and we’re proud of their achievements, growth, and presence in our community. Our commercial tenants are essential to the landscape and feel of our beloved neighborhood.

Community is a sacred thing. It grows through relationships built over decades. It’s why we value the trust of a long-time tenant.

Featured Tenants

Poquitos Seattle is a Mexican restaurant that takes pride in offering a diverse and delicious menu. They prioritize the use of locally sourced meats and produce, as well as imported ingredients that reflect the rich culinary traditions of Mexico.

What do you like best about working with Hunters Capital?

“The standout feature for me has undoubtedly been their exceptional team. From the moment I began collaborating with them, I’ve consistently experienced unwavering dedication and engagement from every team member, regardless of their title or position. Their belief that no job is above any employee creates a work environment where every issue is addressed with remarkable speed and efficiency. In essence, the team embodies commitment and teamwork, making them a valuable partner in our endeavors.”


How has leasing with us positively impacted your company’s growth and success?

“Their team’s dedication to consistently assisting in ways to enhance our operations and make our environment cleaner and safer has played a pivotal role in our achievements. This commitment has not only benefited our organization internally but has also been noticed and appreciated by our customers and partners.”


Hunters Capital tenant Poquitos Mexican Restaurant interior
Hunters Capital tenant Poquitos Mexican Restaurant interior

How has Hunters Capital gone above and beyond to meet your business needs?

“I want to take a moment to express our deep appreciation to Hunters Capital for their unwavering support during the challenging times brought about by the pandemic. Their understanding and proactive assistance played a pivotal role in ensuring our business’s survival.

When the pandemic hit, and many businesses faced unprecedented difficulties, Hunters Capital demonstrated exceptional compassion and commitment. They recognized the challenges we were up against and, without hesitation, offered us a rent break that proved to be absolutely crucial to our business’s survival.

This generous gesture not only relieved the financial burden we were facing but also gave us the breathing room we needed to adapt to the new circumstances and continue operating. It allowed us to redirect resources toward maintaining jobs, serving our customers, and navigating the uncertainty that lay ahead.

Hunters Capital’s support went beyond just being a landlord; they became a vital partner in our resilience and recovery. Their understanding and willingness to work with us during our most challenging times have strengthened our relationship and our business’s ability to weather adversity.

As we move forward, we are immensely grateful for the lifeline provided by Hunters Capital. It’s a testament to their commitment to their tenants’ well-being and the belief that we are in this together. Their support has been instrumental in our business’s survival and revival, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the years to come.”

Meet Korean BBQ brings MEAT + FIRE + FERMENTATION to the Greenus Building in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. We are a traditional Korean barbecue (고기구이, Gogi-gu-i) restaurant focused on providing excellent service and taking a modern approach serving creative dishes while pairing meat with unique sauces and seasonal banchan.

Our full-service bar features Korean and local beer, a Pacific Northwest-centric wine list, and specialty Korean ‘Kocktails’ made with a wide array of Soju and spirits. In addition, the wood-fired grill at the front of the restaurant features marinated meats that will be finished at the table including dishes such as Bulgogi, Bibimbap and Galbi.

What’s the driver behind this new restaurant concept?

“We want people to appreciate the fine traditions of Korean BBQ culture in an authentic way. Meet Korean BBQ brings those traditions to life with modern influences, high quality meats, and excellent service. It’s nice to MEAT you all!”

What do we like about working with Hunters Capital?

“Working with Hunters Capital on the Meet Korean BBQ project has been great. They’ve been proactive in helping to identify and correct any issues I’ve had. Their understanding of the issues that small businesses encounter and their flexibility has been awesome.”

Blick Art Materials is a family-owned retailer and catalog art supply business. Established as a mail order business by Dick Blick in 1911 and purchased by Robert Metzenberg in 1947, it is one of the oldest and largest art materials suppliers in the United States, as well as a primary supplier of mail order art supplies.

What do you like best about working with Hunters Capital?

“Hunters Capital understands the needs of our business and that of the small business environment.  We are pleased with their responsiveness to issues and upfront leadership on issues impacting our business and that of their entire portfolio.  The personal touches that you don’t get from a big REIT.“


How has leasing with Hunters Capital positively impacted your company’s growth and success?

“We are pleased with our location in Seattle and relationship with Hunters.  They care about the long-term health of their building portfolio and their tenants, so deals are fair and equitable for both parties.”


Could you share a specific example of how Hunters Capital has gone above and beyond to meet your business needs?

“Hunters Capital’s leadership in the community and relationships with the city government to address crime and condition of the neighborhood were a key factor in our business recovering from the Pandemic.”