Commercial Ownership and Management

Hunters Capital is the second largest property owner in Capitol Hill. We greatly value our commercial tenants and we’re proud of their achievements, growth, and presence in our community.

We are known for our dedication to historic preservation and execution of unique urban design. We seek to not only preserve and rejuvenate historic properties but facilitate the development of the Capitol Hill community through balanced growth in residential, office, and retail spaces.

Our commercial tenants are essential to the balanced shaping of the landscape and feel of our beloved neighborhoods.

Featured Tenants

2A Consulting is a marketing firm focused on storytelling for business. We bridge the distance between creative and strategic—delivering fresh solutions that connect. We help define who you are and what you do, building your brand from the ground up. We’ll create your look and language to turn heads—making assets that give life to your story. When it’s time to drive it home, our project managers will plot, cultivate, and measure success across channels.

Give us a call, we’ll build your story and run with it.

What attracted us to the Seattle Automobile Building?

“Honestly, the old wooden floors, 22-foot ceilings, and auto row history sold us. We love our second-story views of the neighborhood too—it gives us the vibrant mix of growth and personality that we adore about Pike/Pine.”

What do we like about working with Hunters Capital?

“They want our partnership to work, and they treat us well. In the past, they’ve gone above and beyond contractual obligations to make our work space more safe, friendly, and productive. We feel like they care about our business and our people.”

Meet Korean BBQ brings MEAT + FIRE + FERMENTATION to the Greenus Building in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. We are a traditional Korean barbecue (고기구이, Gogi-gu-i) restaurant focused on providing excellent service and taking a modern approach serving creative dishes while pairing meat with unique sauces and seasonal banchan.

Our full-service bar features Korean and local beer, a Pacific Northwest-centric wine list, and specialty Korean ‘Kocktails’ made with a wide array of Soju and spirits. In addition, the wood-fired grill at the front of the restaurant features marinated meats that will be finished at the table including dishes such as Bulgogi, Bibimbap and Galbi.

What’s the driver behind this new restaurant concept?

“We want people to appreciate the fine traditions of Korean BBQ culture in an authentic way. Meet Korean BBQ brings those traditions to life with modern influences, high quality meats, and excellent service. It’s nice to MEAT you all!”

What do we like about working with Hunters Capital?

“Working with Hunters Capital on the Meet Korean BBQ project has been great. They’ve been proactive in helping to identify and correct any issues I’ve had. Their understanding of the issues that small businesses encounter and their flexibility has been awesome.”

L’Avant Collective is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Kristi Lord and Lindsay Droz. Recognizing a shared passion for innovating how we clean our homes, the two created a line of non-toxic, sustainable cleaning products that don’t sacrifice style or effectiveness.

The stunning line of products boast the fact that 98% of ingredients are naturally derived from renewable sources like coconut, aloe, salt, lemons, sunflowers, and more. Despite getting started in the midst of a pandemic, L’Avant has found major success in only a short amount of time. The company has been featured in major publications like Forbes, and has recently entered a partnership with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop!

What have you enjoyed about working in our buildings?

“The Ballou Wright Building was so beautiful and a joy to come into work everyday. We felt part of a slice of Seattle history by getting the opportunity to work in the space. We love being in a retail space because it gives us the opportunity to be part of a community. We want to see all Seattle businesses thrive, and its energizing to be around other entrepreneur small businesses. “

What do we like about working with Hunters Capital?

“The team has been a pleasure to work with! So incredibly responsive to our needs or requests and we truly feel they care about our business structure.”