Jacob Catrain

AP Specialist

Jacob was born and raised in Bellingham and moved to Seattle in 2015 where he began his career in real estate. However, in 2021, Jacob ventured into Corporate Finance where he found his true calling. In 2024, Jacob joined Hunters Capital  in the role of AP Specialist.

In his position, Jacob takes pride in fostering strong relationships with residents and vendors. Whether it’s supporting his team or engaging with the community, Jacob is always eager to contribute in meaningful ways. Jacob’s journey from real estate to Corporate Finance and his current role at Hunters Capital exemplify his adaptability and commitment to excellence.

When Jacob is not focusing on his career, you can count on him for outdoor adventures. His passions include hiking the PNW, cooking, and socializing. Jacob is a perpetual enthusiast for personal and professional development and thrives on continuous self-improvement and helping others on their growth journeys.

Photo of Jacob, Hunters Capital AP Specialist, in front of a trellis