Capitol Hilltop

555 15th Ave E 


The Hilltop Station is a property with a relatively recent history: the Richfield Oil Corporation moved south across Mercer Street to the then new gas and service station. This location was Bergie’s Arco in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hilltop Service Station


The Hilltop Service Station opened in 1991, serving the neighborhood as a much beloved gas and service station. While the gas station closed in 2018, lead mechanic Jim Peters revived the service center. 

Environmental Remediation and Future Development


Hunters Capital purchased the site in December 2018 from the family trust of longtime owner Gary Bergamini. Jim’s Hilltop Station remains the building’s master tenant. Environmental remediation began in earnest to address the oil and gas tank seepage caused from years of gas station operation. The process is expected to take over five years to complete and will be paired with an exciting new change to the face of 15th Avenue: a new mixed-use multifamily development!

The Future on 15th


Hunters Capital is nearing completion of the entitlement and design process for a new 68-unit mixed-use multifamily development. The project’s design goal is to set the standard for future development on 15th. The Studio Meng Strazzara-designed building will use high quality materials and finishes and seamlessly integrate with 15th’s existing urban context (small-scale retail, reminiscent of an English high street).

Stay tuned for construction-related updates and more.